So, in the interests of ensuring regular blogging, we have decided we will celebrate testimonies every Tuesday on TESTIMONY TUESDAYS … yayyyyy!  Not only is it good to celebrate all that God does, but the Bible tells us that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy which means that anyone reading these testimonies can receive them as a prophecy over their lives.

I’m going to start with the testimony that began my hubby’s walk in the healing anointing he carries today.

In 2015 we both did the Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry.  We learned so much about Bethel Church in Redding, California, and the amazing revival culture they carry there.  We then had an opportunity to join a group of South Africans travelling to Bethel to attend their Open Heavens Conference.  We took a deep breath, trusted God for provision, made sure our boys were well looked after, and left for two weeks in gorgeous California.  There is so much to tell about that trip but this is not the blog for it right now so back to my hubby’s testimony!

My hubby has been a severe asthmatic almost since the day he was born.  He has spent his life in and out of ICU and living on hectic meds to keep his asthma under control.  We have asthma pumps all over the place so that one is always within easy reach and I have often woken up at night to the sound of the nebuliser going as he uses it to open up his lungs.

Whilst in Bethel we visited their Healing Rooms.  You fill out a form which informs the amazing staff of what you are wanting healed and my hubby, of course, put asthma.  God really has a sense of humour because the gentleman who prayed for him was from Durban, South Africa!  We had travelled a really long way to be prayed for by a fellow South African!  How awesome is that?  How God must have chuckled!

This incredible guy prayed for my hubby and he went down under the Spirit like a ton of bricks.  For a while he breathed so heavily, and sweated so badly, I thought he might be having an asthma attack right there in the Healing Rooms, but afterwards he told me that it felt as though hot lava was coming up from his stomach, through his lungs and throat and out his mouth. He was radically healed!!!  Right then and there!!!  No more relying on pumps and meds, no more nebuliser in the middle of the night, no more!

And, to top it all, after his healing, he had a funny metallic taste in his mouth.  It was so strong that he went back to the hotel room to clean his teeth.  Whilst cleaning them he noticed that some fillings he had in his bottom row of teeth had disappeared and the teeth had been restored … he looked up at his top row of teeth and discovered that he had also been radically blessed with three gold teeth!!!

How amazing is God??!!  And how creative and inventive and loving beyond measure??!!

Since his healing my hubby has discovered a healing anointing on his life that is just incredible.  He prays for anybody anywhere, he goes into hospitals, shopping centres .. all over the place and literally seeks out people to pray for.  Freely he received and freely he gives … he is an amazing man, serving a mindblowingly awe-inspiring God and you will read more incredible testimonies on the Tuesdays to come.


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