I know it’s late … I almost didn’t make my second Testimony Tuesday blog!  But here I am with an awesome testimony.

My amazing hubby has a passion for ministering in hospitals.  He makes a point of going, at least weekly,  to the hospitals in our area, both government and private.  And he often lands up going to hospitals far afield to pray for people by request.  He has seen God move in incredible ways and heal people both physically and emotionally.  He is also the most humble, loving man and truly always gives God ALL the glory.

One evening, in July last year, he visited Groote Schuur Hospital with our eldest son.  It was the first time our son had gone with him to pray for people.  They came across a gentleman, Mr Baker, who was 51 years old and suffering from Motor Neuron disease.  In some instances ignorance is actually bliss as my hubby had absolutely no clue what Motor Neuron disease was and boldly pronounced that Mr Baker would be healed without knowing that the disease is supposed to be incurable!  Blind, childlike faith works every time!  Mr Baker explained to my hubby that he had no feeling in his body from the chest down and thus he couldn’t move at all.  My hubby and son prayed over him, speaking life into all his nerves and muscles.

After a little while of praying, my hubby asked Mr Baker to try and move his legs.  To Mr Baker’s absolute astonishment he could lift his legs up and down!  He proceeded to move his body in a whole lot of ways that had previously been impossible!!!

My hubby prayed for Mr Baker on a Wednesday, he was discharged from hospital on the Friday and back at work the following Tuesday – 100% healed!!

What an amazing, incredible God we serve!!  How powerful and loving is He??!!


5 thoughts on “TESTIMONY TUESDAY

  1. Thanks for that faith building account. Please pray for a friend, Donna B who needs healing of a possible neurological disorder. It may be past brain trauma from auto accidents but she’s in bed alot from dizziness & other symptoms. She has overcome and been healed of many past physical ailments & needs our prayers. Thanks so much!

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  2. Praise The Lord for your husband walking in faith! We can know that by the stripes of Jesus we have been healed but have to walk it out. I’m sure Mr. Baker is so thankful to God for his healing. Thank you for sharing, no matter what the day! It is encouraging.


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