Obedience is better than Sacrifice

And so, once again, I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted.  So much has happened that, every time I think of blogging, I get quite daunted by all there is to share … my thought process goes a bit like this:-  “I really need to blog again, God told me to and I must be obedient … so much has happened, what should I begin with, I would need to type for three whole entire days to get everything across … I don’t have time for that … now I feel anxious and despondent about the whole thing ….  I will think about it tomorrow rather …”

Please tell me that somebody has experienced something similar before and I am not totally alone??  Anyway, God, in His abounding grace and wisdom, has begun gently dropping into my spirit that obedience is better than sacrifice and delayed obedience is the same as disobedience 😦  so I have repented and I am back and I am literally ignoring all the hundreds of other things I need to do in order to write this blog post and I am going to continue to do so, on a daily basis, even if I just post one Bible verse, until the writing flows seamlessly and the instruction to write is replaced with something else, although I have a feeling it will never be replaced and will actually become an instruction to write more 😉

I actually cannot tell you all that has happened, I would need to write a book!  But, right now, as we speak, my amazing husband is ministering in Gabon!  He is preaching for the first time ever and he has seen so many miracles that he says he cannot possibly count them all.  He has gone to Gabon with Nigel Desmond, an amazing friend of God who carries revival fires deep inside his very identity, and I know he will come back forever changed and on another level spiritually.

This is their report back thus far:-  “God is doing an awesome work of revival here in Gabon.  Testimonies too numerous to tell.  Churches planted, miracles of provision, witches overcome etc.  The testimonies are humbling and awesome.  Blind eyes have opened, a deaf and mute man completely healed, a lady’s leg grew out 50mm!  She had had pain in her leg since birth and the pain left completely.  Churches have been completely changed.  New churches begun and signs, wonders and miracles have spread like wildfire all over Gabon.  Discouraged pastors are full of joy and love for God again.  It is just awesome.”

God is good!!!  And He loves our obedience more than our sacrifice.

Bless you all on this glorious Sunday.

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