Today I spent time with two amazingly anointed women of God.  Two sisters in Christ.  Two girls that I am both honoured and grateful to be able to call friends.  Girls that I know God has specifically placed in my life because He knows me and He loves me.

We talked and laughed.  We shared and were absolutely open and honest and vulnerable.  We prophesied over each other.  We prayed for each other.  We encouraged and exhorted, complimented and connected.  And it struck me, as I left to fetch my boys from school, that what we did was “church”.  Not in a building, not in an official meeting … but the way God intended it to be … people meeting, sharing testimonies, sharing their love for Him and speaking of His goodness.  We just met for coffee and a catch up but the spiritual significance and power that rushed like a river through our coffee and catch up was huge.  Church … ekklesia … how we have complicated something that should be so simple.

In other news, my hubby is on a plane as we speak, on his way back from Gabon, full to the brim with testimonies and anointing.  I cannot wait to see him tomorrow and hear all his powerful stories!  I will be sure to continue (finally!) my Testimony Tuesdays with some Gabonese miracles.

Abundant blessings to you all.

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