Daily Writing Challenge


I have joined a 14 day Daily Writing Challenge.  I sit here on this, the very first day, realising that it is almost 9:30 p.m. and I need to meet my very first deadline.  What is it about that sort of thing that immediately makes all creativity dry up?  And yet I  know that if I do not have some sort of accountability with regard to writing then this blog will remain an “every once in a while” blog and I truly believe it needs to be more than that.

I feel called to write. I have loved to read ever since I was a tiny little girl and I have read voraciously and indiscriminately all my life.  I love language, I love words and meanings and subtleties and nuances.  And I have always loved to write.  I wrote poetry as a small girl, fascinated by the rhythms and rhymes of sentence and verse.  My English teachers at school loved my essays and praised my writing, convinced I should become a journalist of some sort.  Life gets in the way sometimes though, doesn’t it?  I left school, did a year of secretarial college and went out to work.  I got married, had three boys, was a fulltime, working mother and, eventually, a single fulltime working mother.  Any creative dreams and aspirations were left far far far behind in a childhood I barely remembered.

But God remembers.  And, as I made my way slowly back to Him after years of denying Him, after years of refusing any part of Him, years of literally telling Him that I wanted nothing to do with Him, His abundant love and grace slowly reminded me of who He created me to be.  Slowly but surely the dreams that died in my childhood have been resurrected in my heart and spirit.  He has fanned the flames of the secret desires of my heart that I was sure had been lost forever and destroyed by circumstances and unimaginable pain.  He has brought back to life that little curly-haired girl who loved to dream, loved to write, loved to create.  The little girl who believed in fairies and elves and angels and unicorns, rainbows and pink skies.  He has reminded me that I am who He created me to be.  My identity was His dream before the foundations of the earth, before He placed the sun in the sky, before He formed the moon and dotted the night skies with stars.  Before all of that … He dreamed of me.  And He dreamed of me writing.  Maybe I will just write this blog.  But already my heart whispers of poetry, of stories, of books, of dreams and visions.

But, for today, for now, for this first day of my Daily Writing Challenge, I will remember that little girl and her big dreams and I will write.

Bless you all xxx

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